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Professor of Political Science,
Jean Monnet Chair in European Public Policy,  
Director, Centre for European Governance

I am the Anniversary Chair in Politics and Director of the Centre for European Governance (http://centres.exeter.ac.uk/ceg/). The Anniversary Chair in Politics was created in 2004 by the University of Exeter to promote international excellence in comparative policy analysis, with an inter-disciplinary orientation. This is a privileged position for someone who thinks that the most exciting problems in public policy are addressed by interdisciplinary teams. My idea of “team” covers colleagues in Politics, Law and Economics, as well as my doctoral students and research fellows. Research students should be prepared for their ‘adult’ life – thus they work on their dissertations but also take part in specific policy projects, offer training to regulators, animate discussion forums, and, when appropriate, interact with policy-makers. My previous doctoral students work at the European Commission, Ceps-Brussels and research-led universities in the UK and Belgium. As a team, we provided training, advice and research to the World Bank, the European Commission, the OECD and several European governments.

My main research project is Analysis of Learning in Regulatory Governancefunded by the European Research Council for the period 2009-2013. I carry out the project with Dr Claire Dunlop and Dr Oliver Fritsch, and a small team of research associates – currently Jonathan Kamkhaji and Nicola Corkin.

Apart from learning and regulation, I also have an interest in research design. Dr. Theofanis Exadaktlylos and I published a large co-edited volume on  Research Design in European Studies, looking at how to establish the causal effects of European Union public policy and politics on domestic political systems (Palgrave, 2012). With two oustadning Swiss colleagues, Prof. Fabrizio Gilardi and Dr. Martino Maggetti, I authored a book on Research Design in the Social Sciences (Sage, Dec. 2012). Recently I also worked on the topic of governance architectures, with a special issue on the so-called Lisbon Agenda of the European Union (Journal of European Public Policy, 2011, co-edited with Professor Susana Borras).

An important part of my professional life is the  European Journal of Political Research, the flagship journal of the European Consortium for Political Research. The journal is currently coedited by Professor Yannis Papadopolous (Lausanne) and me. The Ejpr office is at Exeter, right opposite my room, where Dr Oliver Frtisch operates as smooth administrator of the journal. Research and editing Ejpr take a large share of my working  time (and the weekends), but I also enjoy teaching and supervising my doctoral students’ dissertations. In terms of teaching, I convene the core Modules we offer in the MA in European Politics. I contribute to our Masters in Public Administration with a Module on Regulatory Analysis (POLM211) which is taught in May. I also give an input to the University of Agder’s PhD programme in Public Administration directed by Professor Jarle Trondal – this way I benefit from discussion about projects under way at Agder and I comment on the progress made by their doctoral students. In June 2010 I was appointed adjunct professor at the University of Copenhagen, Department of Political Science, for three years.

My core research fields are policy learning,  regulatory analysis,  and EU public policy. I also carried out a few projects on Italian politics: this year I co-edited with Professor Aldo Di Virgilio of the volume Politics in Italy, funded by the Istituto Carlo Cattaneo and published in English and Italian. Over the last five years or so, I have carried out several projects on Europeanization, international taxation, discourse and the politics of expertise, and regulatory impact assessment in comparative perspective, with funding from the European Research Council, the ESRC, the Nuffield Foundation, the British Academy and the European Commission. 

For the farther information please click here to visit to the web page of Professor Claudio Radaelli.


Professor of Law 

Co-Director, Durham Human Rights Centre
Co-Editor, Legal Studies
Joint Editor-in-Chief, Irish Yearbook of International Law

Durham Law School, UK


I joined Durham Law School as Professor of Law and Co-Director of Durham Human Rights Centre in September 2012, and gave my inaugural lecture, Counter-Terrorism Everywherein Hatfield College, Durham, in June 2013. My research and teaching are in the fields of human rights and comparative constitutional law with a particular focus on counter-terrorism, and I have presented and published my work widely. Recently my work has begun to analyse EU counter-terrorism as part of the FP7-funded SECILE project, which I lead in Durham.

I am joint editor-in-chief of the Irish Yearbook of International Law and co-editor of Legal Studies, the journal of the Society of Legal Scholars of the UK and Ireland. I am also a member of the Executive Committee of the Society of Legal Scholars, a Global Affiliate of the Vulnerability and the Human Condition project based in Emory University, and a member of the advisory boards of the Centre for European Constitutionalization and Security at the University of Copenhagen and of my alma mater, the UCC Department and Faculty of Law. From 2012-2014, I hold a visiting professorial fellowship at the University of New South Wales and, from 2013, I am a Visiting Professor at University College Dublin. In 2009 I founded Human Rights in Ireland, a collaborative academic blog with a focus on human rights issues in Ireland and on Irish scholarship about human rights theory, practice, law and politics. I regularly appear in print, online, radio, TV and documentary media discussing human rights and comparative constitutional law as well as current affairs more generally.

I previously held (short-term) visiting positions at University of Peshawar (Pakistan), Emory Law School (Atlanta, GA), University of Minnesota, British Institute of International and Comparative Law (London), the Transitional Justice Institute (University of Ulster), and Osgoode Hall Law School (York University, Toronto). From 2010-2012 I was a research fellow of the Hague Institute for the Internationalisation of Law.

For the farther information, please visit webpage: https://www.dur.ac.uk/law/staff/?id=10655