International Institute for Academic Development

The 3rd International Academic Conference on Law, Politics and Management  

Budapest, Hungary on September 8-9, 2016 



Covers topics related to: Public and Private law, Commercial law, Tort law, Property law, Administrative law, Tax law, Environmental law, Human rights law, Legal systems and their Institutions, European law, The institutions of international justice, Judicial System,  Government Structure, Legislature, Legal Methodology, Civil Procedure, Islamic Law, Teaching Methodology, Family and Juvenile Law, Health Law, Constitutional Law, Constitutional Justice,  Criminal Law, Civil Law,  Contract Law,  Intellectual Property Law,  Employment Law,  Corporate Law, Business Organization Law, Immigration Law, Real Estate Law, Sports and Entertainment Law, History of Law, Philosophy of Law and related topics in Law.

Political Science

Covers topics related to: International Relations, Nationalism and identity policies, Political Participation, NGO’s and civic culture, Political Theory, Comparative Politics and Comparative Government, Political Systems, International Politics, Politics of European Integration, Modernization in Turkey and Iran, American Politics, Political Science Research Methods, Gender Politics, Political Economy, Politics in Russia, Public Administration, Global Governance, Public Policy, Power and Justice, The Presidency, Voting, Campaigning, and Elections, Political Psychology, Democracy and Its Critics, Liberty and Equality, Modern Political Ideologies, European Integration, Politics of Developing Countries, Government and Politics of the Middle East, Politics of Human Rights, Autocracy, Democracy, and Prosperity, The Soviet Successor States, Nationalism and Ethnic Conflict, International Law and Organizations, United States Foreign Policy, International Terrorism and related topics in Political Science.


Covers topics related to: Recent Innovations in Management, Training and Development, Technology Management, Business Environment, Information Management, Knowledge Management, Accounting and Finance, Management Accounting, Management of family business, Marketing of Financial Services, Education and human development in management, Management of Commercial Geography, Management conflicts in enterprises, Management of Social Sector, Education and Employment,  Management and bureaucracy, The management of Business finance, Project management, Managing business transformation, Managing the marketing role, International relationships in management, Timetabling in management, Social communications in management, Knowledge management, Motivation of Human Resource, Business strategies, Leadership and corporate governance, Change management, Managerial Accounting, Personal Ethics at Work, Sales and Sales Management, Organizational Leadership, Psychology and Decision Making and related topics in Management. 

Host City – Budapest

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Keynote Speaker

 Dr. Dr. h. c. Gábor HAMZA 

Professor of Law, Ordinary (Full) Member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences 


Civil (Roman) law, EU law, Comparative law and Eastern European legal systems. Listed arbitrator of the Budapest Chamber of Commerce Arbitration Center 

Date of Birth:  

February 22, 1949, in Budapest, Hungary 

Home Adress: 

Fadrusz u. 28. H-1114 Budapest, Phone: (361) 466-2343 

Office Adress: 

ELTE Római Jogi Tanszék, Egyetem tér 1-3., H-1053 Budapest, Phone: (+36 1) 411-6506; Fax: (+36 1) 411-6515; E-mail: gabor.hamza@ajk.elte.hu 

 Current Position:  

Professor at the Department of Civil (Roman) Law at the “Eötvös Loránd” University Faculty of Law; President of the Civil Law and Comparative Law Section of the Academy of European Law  


  1. D. (Budapest, 1973), Diplôme at Faculté Internationale pour l’Enseignement de Droit Comparé (Amsterdam, 1973), Candidatus Rerum Politicarum et Juridicarum (Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 1979), Doctor Rerum Politicarum et Juridicarum (Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 1983)


In 1972, completed all of educational and professional training required to become a Hungarian attorney-at-law. Member of the Budapest Bar 

University Career:  

Chair Professor of the Department of Civil (Roman) Law, Eötvös Loránd University, 1984- Associate Professor of Law, Eötvös Loránd University, 1980-1984, Senior Assistant Professor of Law, Eötvös Loránd University, 1977-1980 Assistant Professor of Law, Eötvös Loránd University, 1971-1977 

Research and publication: 

20 books, 1265 partly autonomous, partly co-authored, partly edited or co-edited volumes, articles and review articles on Roman law, legal history, comparative law, EU law, legal philosophy and constitutional law.

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