Event Organizing
The International Institute for Academic Development is a relatively new company, but we have an incredible range of experiences and skills for organizing academic events. Over the years, our team has stored a broad scope of expertise in event management. We have enough knowledge of the full range of event organizing, enabling us to offer a truly high standard of services. We work with clients worldwide, offer a variety of services to present their works, share experience of other colleagues and develop academic network. 

We offer full service package to academic institutes for organizing different types of academic events. Academic package includes:

  • Booking an academic venue;
  • Booking conference rooms;
  • Booking accommodation for participants;
  • Organizing Transfer of participants to the event venue;
  • Standard website for academic event;
  • Promotion of academic event;
  • Organizing social event for participants;
  • Lunch/Coffee breaks during the event;
  • Preparing event promotional packages including;

Everyone interested in organizing academic event is invited to contact the International Institute for Academic development at info@academicinst.com