Wroclaw University and City Tour

Get ready for a fascinating travel in time to Wroclaw's past and explore more than just the Old Town sights. This tour provides a historical, architectural and social perspective of how the city changed in the last two centuries. The tour features a minivan ride around Wroclaw's central and suburbian areas where you will see interesting sights reflecting the city's urban development in the pre- and post-war period. Reminiscents of the tragic Battle of Breslau of 1945 will also be presented. A comprehensive audio commentary in English, German and Polish is provided for the whole length of the minibus ride.

In addition the tour is conducted by a professional guide who will make sure that all questions from curious and intrigued customers will be answered.

The tour starts in the Old Town (outside St Mary Magdalene's Church on Szewska Street) and continues around the most interesting area covering historic public offices on Podwale Street, the Sky Tower (Poland's tallest building), Old Jewish Cemetery, Main Railway Station, the Olawskie Suburb (featured in many films dedicated to European history including Steven Spielberg's Bridge of Spies),Grunwaldzki Square (pre-war residential area converted into an airfield by the Nazis and afterwards developed for residential, academic and business purposes).

Also, a special stop will be arranged at the Centennial Hall and its surrounding area.

Centennial Hall (Hala Stulecia) is a UNESCO World Heritage Site recognized for its daring modernist design and architecture. Built in 1913, immediately it became a landmark of Wroclaw and attracts thousands of visitors for numerous events. The hall can be viewed inside at an extra charge (subject to availability). We will also take a stroll around the surrounding area featuring the beautiful Szczytnicki Park, Japanese Garden and Music Fountain (shows available to the public on the full hours everyday between May and October).

The tour will follow next to the historic sports complex of the Olympic Stadiumfrom the 1920s. The itinerary also includes residential and artistic suburbs of east Wroclaw known for street art murals, parks and river canals.

Next location is Wroclaw University - a public research university located in Wrocław, Poland. Founded in 1702, it is one of the oldest collegiate-level institutions of higher education in Central Europe with around 30,000 students (2012). Throughout its history, it remained a great learning center of a German-speaking countries until territorial changes of Germany after World War II. Following the territorial changes of Poland after World War II academics primarily from Jan Kazimierz University of Lwów restored the university building heavily damaged and split as a result of the Siege of Breslau. The first lectures were conducted in the halls with broken windows. The University is currently the largest in Lower Silesia with over 100,000 graduates since 1945 including some 1,900 researchers among whom many received the highest awards for their contribution to the development of scientific scholarship.

The tour by-passes Cathedral Island, Wroclaw University and ends in the starting location. At request it is also possible to arrange a viewing of the famous Panorama of Raclawice (subject to availability).

DURATION: 1.5-2 hours (depending on traffic conditions and extended sightseeing)

For farther information please contact: +995 555 18 44 56; www.academicinst.com  sumschools@academicinst.com