European Cultures and Identities

European Cultures and Identities

Organizing institution

Utrecht University, Faculty of Humanities (UU)


Course location(s)

Utrecht (Utrecht city campus), The Netherlands


4.0 ECTS credits + Certificate of Attendance

Course code


Course fee (incl. housing)

€ -


Bachelor level

Ever wondered what makes Europeans ‘European’? During this course you will uncover the answers while staying at the beautiful medieval city of Utrecht. You will not only uncover Europe’s cultural pluralism, but also its varied identities that still exist today; despite the fact that the majority of the European countries are progressively collaborating on an economic and political level. Each of Europe’s countries and peoples still carry their own distinctive cultures, languages, political views, religions, and traditions. Thus this course offers an introduction to Europe, a continent of great diversity.

The topics we will study during your stay in Utrecht, will help you to understand the complicated structure of Europe and may shed some light on the motives for integration as well as the obstacles on the way to European unity. You will engage with topics such as the emergence and construction of national identities, national identity versus European identity, the cultural heritage of Europe, and the processes of globalization and transnational collaboration. Lectures will focus on the history, social and economic structures, culture, and current political and social debates within the wider European community. In light of these last topics we will organize a field trip to the Royal Museum of Fine Arts and the European Parliament in Brussels. All in all, a thought-provoking and inspiring course.

You will experience an intensive two-week programme with lectures and seminar groups. Together with other students you are expected to work on group presentations and assignments.

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